Video Samples

– Great Scott Productions

Business Intro Videos and TV Commercials

Think of this as your video brochure!
Business overview videos are perfect for your website’s home page. Capture the attention of visitors and keep them on your site by offering valuable information in an easy to understand video.

Testimonial Videos

Let your happy customers speak for themselves!
We’ve all seen written testimonials on websites and they’ve become so common that we tend to not even notice them, let alone take the time to read them. Then there’s the question, “is this really a customer’s testimonial?” But using video testimonials you draw people’s attention to them and add authenticity to them.

Explanation & Typography Videos

Delivering information that your potential customers are searching for is a great marketing strategy. They’ve got a problem and will be searching for the answer online. When you have a video that provides the answer to their question, it not only introduces you to them but can position you as an expert in your field if the video is well produced.

YouTube is the #2 way people world wide search for videos. Populate your youtube channel with a variety of videos that answer questions in your professional field. Another great way to attract eyes to your products or services is with the use of typography videos. These are usually fast paced and short. Great for brand awareness.

Post Event Videos

Thank your participants and sponsors.

Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to capture your big event! Utilize footage for a post event video to keep the interest in your business or organization going even after the event. Share on social media and tag people who are in the video so they will share with their friends….more exposure for you!

People who didn’t attend will see what a great time they missed and want to attend/support next year. You can also use footage from one year to produce a promo video to generate interest in attending the next year in advance! That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Podcast Intro Video

With podcasts now being so much more than just an audio recording, businesses are utilizing the power of video and uploading a video of their podcast to connect with their listeners in a more meaningful way. Having a dynamic professionally produced opener for your podcast is step #1 to building a strong brand.

Real Estate Videos

The next best thing to being there! For realtors or builders, both residential and commercial, getting exposure is a priority. Why not offer potential buyers the closest thing to actually walking through a property or visiting an area where you build? Sit back. Relax. Take a video tour.

Food Glam Videos

Custom Projects

You Dream it, we produce it. There are so many uses for a video that we had to throw in a couple of samples of videos we have produced that don’t necessarily fit into any of the categories above. From Lyric videos to Fundraising videos, there is power in the connection that people make with a well produced video by Great Scott Productions.