"Everyone is loving Joe' s awesome Birthday Video! We keep replaying it over and over!!!!
Everything was accomplished, even tears of joy, with the help of your amazing  media work. Also just love our song choices and how you made them fit.
Thanks so much!!" 


Video Slideshow Keepsake - While it is

not the type of video we produce most often, video

slideshows are possibly our favorite.  We love to help

people preserve family history and in many cases

memorialize a loved one's life.  We have produced a

number of videos for memorial services and take great

care in assisting a family during a time of mourning to

create a video that is tasteful and honors the life of their

loved one.  In many cases, clients find that the process

of selecting photos (and in some cases video clips) can

be very comforting and even therapeutic.  Not only do

they end up with a video for the memorial service, but

they have an everlasting video of their loved one's life

to cherish and can share online with distant relatives

and friends. In contrast, a celebratory birthday is another

occasion in which a video slideshow is a huge hit.  Again,

we love assisting families in producing a video that will touch

hearts and be a cherished keepsake for many years.

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PEW Research Center

Smartphone ownership, over time

% of American adults who own a smartphone over time

Streaming video in the

palm of your hand

Have you noticed that everywhere you go, people are connected to their smartphones?

According to PEW Research, in February 2014, 58% of adult Americans own a smartphone. We have never been more connected to the internet than we are now and trends indicate this number will only continue to increase.  There is no denying that your potential customers are online. But have you tried to navigate a website on a smartphone?  It can be frustrating trying to read through lots of text and navigate pages on mobile devices.  By having videos that provide the most valuable information that people are looking for you allow them to get that information quickly, without hassle and in a much more engaging and entertaining way than test alone.

Voice-over Talent- Looking for voice-over talent? 

Great Scott can provide voice-over talent for your video

or audio project. Or do you have the perfect voice? 

Great Scott is always looking for talented voice-over artists. 

Please submit your information and demo to


Safety and Training Videos- Great Scott can help you fulfill all of your employee safety training requirements with dynamic videos.  Whether you are in need of individual training programs or videos to be viewed  by  large groups, we would be happy to discuss your needs and work with you to create high impact, educational videos that will maintain the interest of the viewer as well as clearly convey all the necessary information.

Customer Testimonials 

Written testimonials on your website are good but

often get overlooked.  Why not use video testimonials

from your satisfied customers to really convey how

happy they are with your services! Many doctors who

perform elective procedures benefit tremendously

by having their happy patients tell their story on

camera. Well the testimonial is nothing new, the video testimonial is still a relatively new concept to many

businesses.  This small one time investment in producing a video testimonial can generate revenue for years to come!

Product Demonstration- Some products benefit greatly from a video that can show exactly how it works and how customers can benefit from its use.  Written instructions are often confusing and lead to frustration.  With video, the viewer will receive the information visually as well as through spoken instruction.  Many product demonstration videos lead to sales.


Event Videos-Having an event that deserves to be documented??  Let Great Scott capture all the moments from red carpet interviews to dinner, dancing, speeches, awards, ribbon cuttings and more. For annual events use footage from last years event to create a video to promote this year's event with! 

Video services offered by Great Scott productions

* Please note.  All videos are in collaboration with client's vision and suggestions based on a one-hour, free, consultation.

Business Overview Video- Think of the overview video as the brochure that covers all the majors points of interest regarding your business.  These videos tend to be 2-3 minutes in length but there are no rules with online video!  Depending on what you want to convey, your video overview may be shorter or longer.  The overview video is usually the first type of video a business will utilize for online marketing before using some of the other forms listed below for further impact.

Video Tours - Many realtors have been using photo

slideshows to generate interest in listings for years.  The

technology is here to offer potential buyers so much more! 

Video tours for both residential property as well as commercial

buildings gives the viewer a more realistic view of the property

and it more user friendly.  No more clicking through warped

fish eye photos.  Click play, sit back and relax and enjoy a video tour.

web based video


The world is your audience

In today's exploding internet media market, if you

aren't utilizing the power of video to gain exposure

and generate more revenue for your business,

you're missing out. Did you know that Youtube is

second only to Google when it comes to search

engines? That means that if people are looking for

a product, service or a certain business, they will

go straight to youtube to find the information they are looking for! If you aren't there, there's a good

chance your competition will be!

Video with Great  Scott  Productions  is affordable and easy!

We make it simple for you at Great Scott to market your products and services by creating one of a kind web videos, designed to fit your needs.  Unlike other forms of advertising where you pay a recurring fee, once you have a video created by Great Scott, it's yours forever!  You pay a one time fee (quotes given based on your needs) and then you are given the media file to start advertising anywhere you would like.  With so many places to use your video online for FREE, video is not only highly effective, it's also one of the most affordable forms of advertising.  That's a WIN WIN!

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