June 1, 2015

Video Marketing Tip

of the Week

Try Sneaking in the back door

As we've stated before, when it comes to online advertising and

marketing videos, one of the best ways to get your video not only

viewed, but shared, is to think outside the box. In the sample shown,

Volkswagon doesn't even show their product until 28 seconds into

the ad. Even then, the message takes a few seconds to land. They came in the "back door" to convey the message that had this woman, who's kids are running wild in the store had a gas efficient Volkswagon, she would still be driving along with her angels quietly entertaining themselves in the car. Sometimes showing the opposite of what you offer is far more entertaining than seeing what you do offer. Volkswagon still got their product and a few lines in about their TDI Clean Diesel car with up to 814 highway miles per tank. Most people won't even hear the voiceover, especially the moms who will be fantasizing about having quiet, well behaved kids in her car.  Please call Great Scott Productions today to get started with video advertising for your business. 321-266-6458

"How To" videos are top view earners.

We've all wondered how to do something and in recent years

it has become the norm to go to youtube and ask the"video Gods"

for a solution. You type "How to install a new hard drive on my

computer" and pray for a great video to walk us through the

process. Most likely you'll find loads of videos, however there are always plenty of less than stellar videos to sift through. Now imagine that you are a computer tech/repair shop and you have

uploaded all kinds of helpful how to videos to youtube. They are well produced by a professional with good lighting and audio, easy to follow and most of all offer the right solution to the viewers question. But here's the best part, with proper key words that identify your geographic location, your viewer can find a solution from a computer specialist in their area. Now when they've got an issue that involves taking their computer to a shop, who do you think they're going to think of? You've been most helpful in offering free tips for basic computer assistance with your long list of how to videos and earned the trust and appreciation of future paying customers. That my friends is money in the bank! How to videos can apply to many types of businesses if they are only willing to take the time to invest in these tremendously popular online marketing tools. For more information on how your business can get started with How To videos, give Great Scott Productions a call today. We'd love to hear from you! 321-266-6458

May 27, 2015

Video Marketing Tip

of the Week!

April 17th, 2015

video marketing tip of the weekMarch 23 2015


Show your business cares about the environment by

focusing on green product advantages and eco-friendly

business practices in your marketing messages and strategies.
Green marketing is a trend that many businesses have chosen to adopt, while for others it is also a way of doing business. The global strain on our planet and environment, coupled with a consumer desire to choose eco-friendly products for healthier living, creates opportunities for businesses to market themselves as environmentally conscious. Aligning a business with green practices is a great selling point for small businesses and, in some cases, the concept of “green” has created whole new line of product and service opportunities for small businesses to explore.
Whether you are running a business entirely focused on green products or services, or you are simply looking to connect with consumers interested in doing business with companies that are eco-friendly, green marketing can be a positive tactic for small businesses in their overall marketing strategy.


video marketing tip of the week

For example, we all saw this year's
Budweiser commercial entitled "Best Buds"
which was released for this year's Super Bowl.
It's a one minute emotional roller coaster that
is perfectly executed starting from a playful
puppy popping up out of the hay making you
smile, then the puppy sneaks into the horse
trailer and is whisked away without his owner's
knowledge (oh no!) and then the puppy is lost
in the woods about to be eaten by wolves
(OMG!! I can't watch!!! ). But wait!!!! The horse who loves the puppy so much somehow knows his beloved little friend is in danger and summons his clydesdale friends to rush to the puppy's rescue and bring him back home to the loving arms of his owner (thank God!!!) who promptly gives him a bath in the kitchen sink while receiving puppy kisses. (I could just cry it's so sweet). Any questions? Budweiser has us all eating out of the palm of their hands with these puppy commercials and they will for as long as they can keep up these very emotionally driven spots. But think about it. These commercials have almost no images of their product (beer, in case you've forgotten because of all the horses and puppies) and certainly no glorifying of the consumption of alcohol. So what's the deal? The deal is, it's a masterful skill to produce a video (or TV ad) that focuses on an emotional story, of course with a very happy ending, and make people want to share that video and talk about it. "Hey, did you see the new Budweiser commercial?" And why do gigantic brands like Budweiser put out videos like this when everyone already knows who they are? Simple. It's one thing to get to the top and it's another to stay there. Think of all the brands who have gone by the way side in the past 10 years. Many of them simply didn't evolve with the changing times and continue to plant the seed in our brains "Hey!! We're here!! We're not going to let you forget about us!!" It's that simple. Not every video is about selling a specific product or a service but simply about keeping your brand or your business in people's minds.
Great Scott Productions is here to help your business do just that! For more information on video production for your business or organization please give us a call today. We'd love to talk to you about your next amazing video!!! 321-266-6458